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BULLITThd is about debate and comment so feel free to take the plunge and swim in our shark-infested waters, but please observe our safety guidelines…




If you want to take part in the great life debate BULLITThd offers, here’s the way we roll and the way we’d like you to roll with us.


BULLITThd offers an open forum for discussion and debate and to do this we have to provide a platform that is safe, inclusive and tolerant, a place where you can discuss in a spirited and intelligent manner without fear of abuse or defamation.


There are a few simple rules to our game and we all expect you to respect them and abide by them, whichever part of our site you enter.

  1. Your opinion is yours and welcome on this site but not if you intend to abuse our site with malicious personal attacks or mindless insults against us, our writers, our subjects or other readers.
  2. We are tolerant of all races, genders, creeds, sexual orientation and political perspectives… except Trolls, who are barred.
  3. What you say here must not contravene any laws for your sake and ours. We will remove all comments that contravene laws of defamation, libel, copyright, incitement to violence or hatred that might put BULLITThd and its team at legal risk.
  4. You can’t advertise here for nothing unless we say so.  If you want to sell something, make a beautiful commercial video clip and buy space with our Advertising Sales Director. Anyone trying to abuse this will be shown the delete button.
  5. SPAM is Hawaii’s most popular meat ingredient and is not our idea of healthy eating. There is no room for spam here.
  6. We are open to constructive, intelligent criticism of what we publish but not to deliberate misrepresentation of what we publish. We will erase any comments that do not pass the smear test.
  7. Bullies don’t get to play with us, so if you want to join our debates, you must do so with intelligent comment, not insults or threats or offensive language. Anyway, who will want to read your comments if they contribute nothing to the discussion?
  8. Bigotry is banned. If you can’t live on the planet without insulting those different from you, do it elsewhere. That doesn’t mean we don’t encourage reasoned criticism of other’s politics, pastimes, faiths and attitudes but don’t bring your racism, homophobia, gender/disability/age bashing round here.
  9. Keep to the subject of the thread. We won’t penalise digressions per se, but it’s more interesting for everyone if you keep your thoughts on topic.
  10. Think before you post. What you think you say is not necessarily what others might read into your comment. Clarity is king.
  11. If you’re unhappy with something you’re reading amongst our  comments, tell us. We’d rather head problems off at the pass before they threaten the existence of this space. This is our space but we want to share it freely to all those who respect our standards and those of others.


Remember, what you read in BULLITThd is the opinion of the writer alone. BULLITThd lets its contributors and readers write what they believe, even if we don’t all happen to agree.

We will not edit, amend or correct the misspellings of postings but if any part of a posting fails to meet the above standards, we may delete the entire posting. Our moderation team and our readers can and will deal mercilessly with anyone who wilfully continues to ignore our community standards and terms and conditions. Although we don’t want to have to do this, we will permanently bar any comments from commentators who persist in breaking these rules. This is good for all of us.

Ultimately, we are responsible for what we let you post, so if we remove a posting it will be our decision and correspondence about it will not be entered into. However, if you have suggestions that might improve this service, please write to us at

This document is constantly evolving as different team members and readers contribute ideas… including yours. So, please check back regularly.

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