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If BULLITThd provokes you, disturbs you, inspires you, angers you… we’re doing our job.



BULLITThd doesn’t voice an opinion but its contributors do and some of them are pretty provocative. There is no proprietor leaning over the sub-editor’s desk twisting what the author said. So, if you don’t agree with some of the content, that’s life. Neither do we. And if you feel provoked to speak out there and then, we give you the space to do so.

There is a Comment Button on every paragraph so you can respond, react and debate. In fact, we see the debate as an integral part of the piece. The publishing of the article is only the start.

By the way, our advertising is beautiful. We’re free to view, but we have to get our revenue from somewhere, so we get it from advertising. But we believe that advertising can entertain and enchant, rather than agitate and annoy. Great advertising can stand shoulder to shoulder with great editorial content. So, we encourage you to enjoy the advertising in BULLITThd.

Each edition of BULLITThd has a theme… this one is ‘Grey’.

Each edition has a “guest editor”… someone who either no longer exists but whose legacy survives in words and ideas. Who better to lead our ‘Grey’ edition than our former Prime Minister and unusual tea drinker, Charles, 2nd Earl Grey, who brought in the Reform Act of 1832 that transformed our democracy and who presided over the abolition of slavery throughout the British Empire?

Our stories are told via words, images, video, music, animation, and debate… In time, we’ll be telling you what we’re thinking about writing on next, so you can submit your own ideas for consideration, to be judged by your compatriots in the BULLITThd community. If it makes the grade, you’ll get on the payroll.

Read, view, listen and love or loathe. This is BULLITThd… bite it!


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