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By Charles, 2nd Earl Grey… sort of



Bad as I am thought, I am prepared to defend what some might consider the indefensible within this provocative ‘Grey’ edition of BULLITThd. For though I know it contains articles and speeches which seek to inculcate their own dangerous principles, which may appear subversive of civil society, I trust that our good readers have the sense and self-will to decide for themselves what is right and good, and to react accordingly. For this edition explores those matters which affect us all, yet are rarely considered or might yet be concealed: such matters as the cleansing of the stench of London’s effluvia, both physical and societal, of the corruption of governments, of subversion in trade, the arts and sport and of the easing of the ills of the world.

The dearest right of Englishmen (not forgetting women and the good citizens of the rest of the ‘currently’ United Kingdom, your Grace. Ed.) is the possession of their freedom of thought and word; but if it were abused, the effect must infallibly be to inflame men’s minds and I and my editorial team alone would be responsible for the consequences which might ensue. I trust that you would comprehend and embrace this.

What I most heartily wish for is that you, dear reader, will consider with open mind and join in honest debate with my contributors and colleagues on the subjects herein discussed; a debate of ardour, of vigour, of zeal for the general welfare of all people. Without question, there may be imprudence in some words written and spoken. This argument, as to the finality of one’s opinion, it may be remarked by the way, is employed all upon one side of a question. But should it promote thought and consideration, its purpose will be served and its worst intents trumped.

A better system of practical liberty never was enjoyed by any people before BULLITThd was established for the happiness and glory of its readers and viewers. Perhaps, indeed, BULLITThd’s free-thinking contributors and readers attain a higher degree of liberty than that incompatible with that degree of authority which the so-called Free Press claims for itself. For I do take the current Free Press as conspiring to disunite us; discontent, distrust, jealousy and suspicion being their currency.

Look at the men themselves who lead in the tabloid cause. Is there one among them with whom you would trust yourself in the dark? Can you have, I will not say, any confidence in their opinions and principles, but any doubt of the wickedness of their intentions? Look at them, at their characters, at their conduct. What is there more base, and more detestable, more at variance with all tact and decency, as well as all morality, truth, and honour?

They would tell us to be content with established conventions. I most certainly disagree. Surely, it would be absurd to say that every part of the system was incapable of improvement? So, that which I have compiled in this edition sets to open discussion in search of such improvement. That, however, is not the question at present. The point now is, to inquire, whether, in the course of human affairs, and the changes which time and events have produced, the principle of freedom has been preserved and I am convinced that the work of my colleagues within BULLITThd contribute greatly to such principle.

It is, then, upon this ground of my diverse colleagues’ experience and the evidence of facts upon proof positive inconvenience from its original convenience that I ask you to suspend your own prejudices, to consider the views of others, however contrary, and to respond using our Comments function.

Forgive me, my tea is getting cold.


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