Every edition of BULLITThd is ahead of its time and creeping up behind you. We are still new but our contributors share ancient wisdom. So feel free to stroll through the content of our other editions for yet more provocative and stimulating stories, discussions and artistry.


Q3 2015


Come on! Let’s get angry. The world is going to hell in a handcart so it must be time for revolt. Don your berets and khaki, pick up your Kalashnikov and follow our Dead Guest Editor through the barricades and into the fray of our Revolution Edition.

In this, Edition 1917: Revolution, our community of contributors grows ever more radical:

  • Pandit Dinesh and Kishon Khan show how revolutionary yet gorgeous blending Indian and Cuban music can be with their beautiful new album.
  • Lily Cole speaks out for a sharing economy through her website
  • Composer Anni Hogan and Himalayan climber Cathy O’Dowd call out for help for the earthquake stricken people of Nepal.
  • Peter Hall fears for the loss of our history in the lost formats of the digital age.
  • Conflict lawyer Louise Arimatsu debates the possibility of the Arab Spring becoming a European winter.
  • Richard Butterworth creates a shopping list of revolutionary and counter-revolutionary techno-toys.
  • Neville Farmer suggests that, had Bonnie Prince Charlie become King, America might still be a colony.
  • His ancestor fought slavery but Crispin Buxton says things are worse now than ever.
  • Jacquie Knowles asks whether many great revolutions were really worth it, musicologist Richard Niles dismisses most revolutions as fads and humour-monger Jem Roberts analyses the reality of revolting comedy.
  • Veteran audio journo Keith Howard explodes the myth of analogue purity.
  • Ethical clothing campaigner Rebecca Fordham calls for a revolution in the fashion trade while home-schooling parent Dawn Kolpin rebels against structured schooling.

The world is no longer a place for couch potatoes, so get active by throwing yourself into the BULLITThd Revolution Edition and fighting back against the mundane!


Q2 2015


What is a hero and what is a villain? Renaissance political advisor and comic author Niccolo Machiavelli is often seen as both, so we invited him from the ether to guide our content for the Heroes and Villains Edition.

In this, Edition 666: Heroes and Villains, our community of contributors grows ever more illustrious:

  • The father of lateral thinking Sir Edward de Bono gives an exclusive interview to Sarah Tucker.
  • Sir Graham Watson debates the good and bad of the EU with the controversial former UKip MEP Nikki Sinclair.
  • Veteran motoring pundit Peter Dron explores the evils of road rage and TV chef Daniel Green asks why some wonderful ingredients are poison to some palates.
  • Spider Man author and comic hero psychologist Danny Fingeroth explores the psyche of the superhero and Colin Ryan seeks out the finest getaway and pursuit cars.
  • Zena Ward rails against the government assault on the disabled and a brave Jeff Clark-Meades takes us into the depths of depression.
  • And to warm the cockles of your heart, the wonderful Judie Tzuke has given BULLITThd a global exclusive listen to some of the songs for her forthcoming album.

Flavours, colours and sounds, the emotional rush of Edition 666 of BULLITThd: Heroes and Villains is archived here for you to delve into.

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